Dualsky Typhoon Series

Dualsky Xmotor Typhoon series brushless outrunners for indoor model with free delivery within Europe


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Dualsky XM2202TY-24 Motor x2

Dualsky XM2202TY-24 Motor x2 Priced for 2 Dualsky XM2202TY-24 Motor.  TY single shaf..


Dualsky XM2203TY-17 Motor x2

Dualsky XM2203TY-17 Motor x2 Priced for 2 Dualsky XM2203TY-17 Motor. for up to PT9x3i&n..


Dualsky XM2203TY-22CR Motor x2

Dualsky XM2203TY-22CR Motor x2 Price for 2x Dualsky XM2203TY-22CR Motor, contra-rotating edi..