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Dualsky XM6352EA Motor x2 Choose Your KV

Dualsky XM6352EA Motor x2 Choose Your KV
Dualsky XM6352EA Motor x2 Choose Your KV
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Dualsky XM6352EA Motor x2

Priced for 2x Dualsky XM6352EA  Motor. One for you and one for a friend


The new V3 Dualsky XM6352EA-15 , XM6352EA-10, XM6352EA-20, XM6352EA-24SE features a new Durotate rotor with an optimised back cover that reduces air noise, a new front cover that offers better heat dissipation and a higher density rotor and shell that reduces vibration. Add to this the use of thicker wire with high-temperature resistance and the net result is more power and improved efficiency.


Higher grade curved magnets

High efficiency, high density Silicon steel

Tighter tolerances allow a smaller air gap between the stator and the rotor

High grade enamelled silicon coated wire

Reduced air noise, less drag, more power


M8 propellor mount


KV 380 or KV 560 or KV 280 or KV 240

Weight 511g or 515g or 508g or 510g depending on the motor you want

Dimensions (D x L) 63.1 x 55mm

Diameter of shaft 8mm

Spec of Mounting Holes 4-M4, 32/32 4-M4, 44/44

Input Connectors DB4

Dimensions of Stator (mm) 5322

Slots & Poles 12N14P

Ri (mOhm) 15.1

Io @ 10V (A) 1.9

No. of Cells (LiPO) 6-8

Efficiency Current 50.0

Burst Current (15S) [A] 100

Peak Power (15S) [W] 2100

Peak Torque 3.14

Recommended ESC SUMMIT 120

Recommended Propeller 6S: 18x12E, 19x12E, 20x10E

Application 125E, .95-.120 2-stroke. Up to .140 4st


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