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IFLY4 Control Board for Multicopter

IFLY4 Control Board for Multicopter
IFLY4 Control Board for Multicopter
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IFLY4 Control Board for Multicopter with Extendable Electronic Compass and GPS Interface Upgraded Version


Manual Operation Mode can provide basic automatic stabilization for the multicopter;

Automatic Balancing Mode can make the multicopter keep balance automatically;

Height Lock Mode can make the multicopter lock the height, and take off and land automatically;

When the throttle value is less than 15% in Height Mode, Out-of-Control Protection can make the multicopter fall at slow average speed and turn off automatically when falling to the ground;

Radio control with 7-channel input;

Cameral gimbal with 2-channel output;

ESC with 6-channel output;

LED mode with1-channel output;

Buzzer with1-channel output;

Internal integrated power module.


It has gyro with good shock resistance;

3-axle acceleration transducer;

Barometer with high precision;

The drive-free USB interface makes it convenient to debug and upgrade;

The 2-channel cameral gimbal controls the output;

PWM universal ESC with 6-channel output;

Internal integrated UBEC can provide output current with 5V/500MA;

It has the function of monitoring and alarming on internal integrated voltage;

Extendable electronic compass and GPS interface.

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