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ZeroUAV Gimbal

ZeroUAV Gimbal are available here at

Brand: ZeroUAV Model: Zerotech Attitude+handheld units
ZeroTech Attitute Unit + Handheld Unit Zero Tech attitude unit is necessary with handheld unit for handheld operation of Zero Tech brushless gimbals  ..
Brand: ZeroUAV Model: Z1400 Gimbal
Zerotech Z1400 Brushless Gimbal Zerotech Z1400 Brushless Gimbal Z1400 was developed alongside Z2000 gimbal and introduced at the same time. It has been designed for digital compact cameras. Z1400 uses the same precise gimbal control algorithm as Z2000. It is also compatible with the ..
Brand: ZeroUAV Model: Z2000 5D
ZeroTech Z2000 5D Brushless Gimbal ZeroTech Z2000 5D Brushless Gimbal As known to us all, EOS 5D Mark II first realized taking the Full HD film (1920×1080 Full HD),  and ZERO GIMBAL Z2000 is the professional motor gimbal with excellent performance and specially designed for camera 5D..
Brand: ZeroUAV Model: Zerotech Z3000
Zerotech Z3000 Gimbal Camera  Zerotech Z3000 Gimbal Camera Black magic   Z3000 has been specifically designed and developed for Black Magic Cinema Camera. It uses precise gimbal control algorithm and is compatible with the Zero Tech autopilot. It is also compatible with the Zero T..
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