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Fuel Tank for RC Plane

Fuel tank for RC airplane

Model: 1000CC
6STARHOBBY 1000ml Transparent Fuel Tank for 85-120cc Gas planes / Nitro planes Features:New fuel tank is born with good seal, high intensity and toughness, no need to worry about burst and oil leakage under shake and crash situation. Specifications: -Air inlet/ Fuel inlet:  metal ma..
Model: Diameter: 30mm
Airflow Orifice For RC Plane x2 Airflow Orifice For RC Plane (pair). You get 2.Max Outer Diameter:  30mm Processed by CNC machine, suitable for boat with water cooling. Equipped with complete screws for convenient installation. You will receive 2 airflow orifices...
Model: 120CC
Fuel Tank 120CC RC Nitro Plane S15A/2.5CC Length:  120mm, Width: 45mm, Height: 45mm..
Model: Fuel Tank 1350CC
1350CC Fuel Tank for RC Gas Plane 120CC-150CC Length:  210 Width:   106 Height:  85..
Model: Fuel Tank 1500CC
Fuel Tank 1500CC RC Gas Plane Length: 210mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 85mm ..
Model: Fuel Tank 180CC
Fuel Tank 180CC RC Nitro Plane S21A/3.5CC Length:  100mm, Width: 45mm, Height: 45mm  ..
Model: 190CC RC Nitro Plane
Fuel Tank 190CC RC Nitro Plane S25-32A/4-5.5CC Length: 93mm, Width: 57mm, Height: 57mm..
Model: 248CC RC Nitro Plane
Fuel Tank 248CC RC Nitro PlaneMore sizes are available. S40-46A/6.5-7.5C Length:  95mm, Width: 60mm, Height: 53mm..
Model: Fuel Tank 260CC RC Nitro Plane
Fuel Tank 260CC RC Nitro Plane S46-52A/7.5-8.5CC Length:  110mm, Width: 53mm, Height: 47mm..
Model: 280CC RC Gas Plane
Fuel Tank 280CC RC Gas Plane 20-26CC Length: 110mm, Width: 56mm, Height: 48mm  ..
Model: Fuel Tank 280CC RC Nitro Plane
Fuel Tank 280CC RC Nitro Plane S61-91A Length:  110mm, Width: 56mm, Height: 48mm..
Model: 3000cc
Fuel Tank 3000CC RC Gas  Specs: Unmanned Air Vehicles Or High Power Gasoline Model Length:  265mm Width:   130mm Height:  100mm  ..
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