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Special Muffler RC Plane Gas Engines

Model: Pitts Muffler for DLE50
Pitts Muffler for DLE50 /DLE55 /DA50 and more  New Pitts Muffler suitable for DLE50/DLE55/DA50/DLA56/GP50R/EME55/EME55IIAbout Pitts Muffler for DLE50 /DLE55 /DA50  Pitts Muffler Exhaust Silencer Pipe for RC Petrol Engine DLE55 DA50 DLE55RA GP50 etc....
Model: for 26CC engines
Rear Exhaust Pipe Smoking Exhaust Pipe Muffler for 26CC engine26CC Rear Smoking Exhaust Pipe Suits CRRC Pro engines, Komatsu engines, QJ 26CC Gas Engines and DLE30 engines..
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