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Brand: Rccskj Model: Rccskj 2 in 1 auto ignition for nitro engine
Rccskj 2 in 1 auto ignition for nitro engine Technical parameters: working voltage: 4.2—13V operating current of the igniter:0-5A output voltage of the igniter:1.5V Weight: 20g Volume: 35mm ( L ) * 17mm ( W) * 8mm ( H )   Product features: Buzzer prompts ignition stat..
Brand: Rccskj Model: Rccskj ignition Current Step-down Transformer
Rccskj ignition Current Step-down Transformer   rccskj ignition Current Step-down Transformer Specifications: Input Voltage:  6-13V Output Voltage:  4.8-9.6V( default voltage: 5.2V) Output Current:  0-15A (Max. 20A) Dimension:  65*27*..
Brand: Rccskj Model: Rccskj nitro ignition CDI w/Voltmeter
Rccskj nitro ignition CDI with Voltmeter Product Description: The built-in nitro ignition is used for RC planes, RC cars and RC boats nitro engine. CDI battery is no need to add, because the CDI can be connected to receiver battery directly and can ignite by controlling the fifth channel on th..
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