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Why purchase from us? 

Why buy from

At rchobby-avenues we want more than anything our customers' full satisfaction. We do our best to assist our customers the best way we can, and for us to achieve this goal, your feedback is very important to us. 

You should buy from us because:

- We treat our customers with respect.

- We try our best to offer you the best quality products at competitive prices. 

- We do not ignore our customers. Many companies will ignore their customers or take forever to reply especially when there is an issue. We NEVER ignore our customers no matter what the issue is. We normally reply within 48 hours. 

- We offer free worldwide delivery.

- We keep our customers informed of the progress of their order at all times. 

- We check that your parcel has reached you by sending you an email to confirm receipt of your order.

- We give you honest answers.

- We are not just after your money, our customer service and after-sale services are excellent.

- We do not disrespect our customers.

- We are polite and friendly.

- We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

- We can offer a reasonnable discount when buying multiple items. Simply ask us.

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