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IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter/Four-axle Flyer RTF

IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter/Four-axle Flyer RTF
IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter/Four-axle Flyer RTF
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IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter/Four-axle Flyer RTF with Battery, Biaxial Cameral Gimbal, 2.4G Radio Control


Weight (without receiver and battery):  810g

Max. Loading Weight (with receiver and battery):  700g

Max. Flying Weight:  1550g (overloading not suggested in order to keep good flying performance)

Axle Base:  550mm

ESC:  10A PWM high speed ESC

Battery:  3300mah, 14.8V, 35C Li-Po

Radio Control:  WFLY WFT06X-A, 2.4GHz, 6 channels

KV Value of Brushless Motor:  850KV

Motor Voltage:  14.8V

Motor Weight:  42g(without plug)

Propeller:  IFLY-1045

Biaxial Cameral Gimbal (with two servos)


It’s easy to install and you can make it fly as long as the radio control is adjusted;

Its foldability makes it convenient to carry;

Coming with fiber bracket, upper and lower carbon fiber mounting board;

It’s equipped with flight control board with more powerful function than that of IFLY4;

It’s equipped with larger landing skid;

Its own balancing output function for camera makes it unnecessary to buy the balancing instrument for camera;

The improved high efficient height control system ensures continuous accurate locking whatever the loading changes;

It can take off and land automatically, and it can land slowly automatically even in case of out-of-control, which can help avoid its smashing;

Its good wind-resistance can make it fly easily in the 3-grade wind;

4-channel radio control or above is needed (mode and cameral gimbal not controlled);

High-light 4 LED lights and beepers are provided to indicate the flying status;

Built-in voltage monitor module to check the voltage of battery and use condition;

It’s control output for biaxial cameral gimbal ( one for rolling , one for pitching) with auto-compensation;

It gets better compatible with most PWM ESCs in the market (HobbyWing ESC 10A recommended).


IFLYC4E Control Board: 

Manual Operation Mode can provide basic automatic stabilization for the multicopter;

Automatic Balancing Mode can make the multicopter keep balance automatically;

Height Lock Mode can make the multicopter lock the height, and take off and land automatically;

When the throttle value is less than 15% in Height Mode, Out-of-Control Protection can make the multicopter fall at slow average speed and turn off automatically when falling to the ground;

Radio control with 7-channel input;

Cameral gimbal with 2-channel output;

ESC with 6-channel output.

Package List: 

IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter RTF x 1

Motor of IFLY-4S x 4

ESC of IFLY-4S x 4

Propeller x 4

Flight Control Board x 1

Biaxial Cameral Gimbal (with two servos) x 1

Battery x 1

WFLY WFT06X-A Radio Control (2.4GHz, 6 CH) x 1

Charger x 1

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