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Brand: Goldwing Model: GeeBee 60CC
GeeBee 97.4in 60CC RC Plane ARFHere we have the GeeBee 97.4in 60CC RC Plane ARFSpecifications:Wing span: 2474mm/97.4"Length: 1828mm/72"Wing area:1594sq.dmEngine:50-60ccFlying weight: 8000-8400gRadio:4-6channels Features:Latest lightweight constructionComplete quality hardware - Aluminium screw in co..
Brand: Goldwing Model: Slick-540 91''
Slick-540 91in 60CC RC Plane ARF SPECIFICATIONS: WING SPAN:91"(2310mm) LENGTH:90-1/2"(2290mm) WING AREA:1513sq in(97.6sq dm) FLYING WEIGHT: 18-20lbs(8150-9100g) Gas Power:50-70cc gas Recommend GP61 or DA70 Electric Power: Hacker Q80-8M with 12S 5000mah 24x10 prop Or other 4000Watt electric m..
Brand: Goldwing Model: Yak-55M 91in CF
Yak-55M 91in 60CC Carbon Fibre RC Plane ARFThe new YAK55M 60CC has the following improvements: 1. The newly released Yak55M 60cc is desinged to accommodate twin gas engine 2. Control services is larger than Previous versions. Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces. Best for more vibra..
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