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Brand: Swellpro Model: GC-3 4K camera with 3axis
Sweelpro GC-3 4K camera with 3axis gimbal waterproof moduleFully waterproof 4K gimbal cameraSmooth footage:While flying as well as underwaterShake-free:Even during high-speed water landingsHydrophobic coating:Clears and dries the lens after take-off..
Brand: Swellpro Model: PL3
Swellpro Payload Release with Tilt Gimbal and 2.7K Camera PL3The PL3 incorporates a high-quality 2.7K waterproof camera with remote control and tilt gimbal. Get live as well as recorded video footage from the drone and accurately locate your target zone before remotely dropping the attached payload...
Brand: Swellpro Model: SAR 1
Swellpro Splash Drone 3+ Lifesaving Kit For Water Search and Rescue-SAR 1For lifesaving as well as Search and Rescue operations, the SAR1 payload release module incorporates a 4K color camera, remote control, and tilt gimbal as well as a specially designed rescue buoyancy sausage for life-saving and..
Brand: Swellpro Model: Swellpro Splash Drone 3+
Swellpro Splashdrone 3+ Waterproof Drone for search and rescue, for filming, for fishing, for boating.At we offer the most competitive prices on Swellpro Splasdrone. And of course, with free worldwide delivery and manufacturer warranty, and FREE STUFF, you are better of buyng f..
Brand: Swellpro Model: PL2
Waterproof payload release with HD FPV live video (no recording) PL2PL2 is a simple remote payload release with an integrated, fixed-angle HD FPV camera. Set the angle of the camera before flight to suit your needs. This camera is only for live vision and cannot record video.—Payload—Waterproof Leve..
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