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Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK

Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK
Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK
Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK
Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK
Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK
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Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Build-in receiver

Here, we have the new Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in receiver.

About Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in receiver FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY FROM THE UK. GERMANY OR SHANGHAI

There are 3 versions to choose from: Version W/GAVIN-6C TX , Version W/GAVIN-6A TX and version PNP(W/O TX,RX,battery and charger)

Introduction of the Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in receiver

Dynam TomBee 150 is a 150-sized racing quad, which mainly consists of integrated power and control system and carbon fiber airframe. It is a small and fast racer with high integrated design. Integrated with Detrum RXC6 reciever, OSD module, 5.8G video transmission and flight controller. Equipped with 800TVL 3-megapixel mini camera and searchligth, can provide users with perfect FPV visual experience. TomBee 150 also supports the third-party receiver which can meet users' need fully.


- Highly Integrated Design, Hand Launch to Fly: The TomBee 150 integrates the flight controller, distribution board, OSD module, 5.8G video transmitter, RC receiver, etc. It is compact and small, effectively saving the space and weight.

- Anti-impact Protective Structure Design: The airframe is made of carbon fiber and custom injected plastic, features ultra-high tenacity and good resistance to impact. Meanwhile, there is high-strength protective canopy for camera, increase its crashworthiness.

- Small Size with Strong Power: The TomBee 150 is very small in size, even can be put into the pocket, but its performance will not be affected. It equips with high speed mini brushless motors (Tomcat 1806-3100KV motors), 15A ESCs, strong 3×3 3-blades, and 4S 14.8V 850mAh Li-Po battery, making the quad-copter flying with strong power. It can launch with a hand throw and bring amazing flight experience for pilots.

- High Definition Camera: Equipped with 800TVL 3-megapixel mini camera, users can adjust its angle from 20° to 40°.

-Strong Searchlight: A strong searchlight is carried in front of fuselage, even though flying in night or in the shadow, you can also get a clear image. This can take more joy to FPV flight.

-  With a Built-in Detrum Receiver, and Support Third-party Receivers:The TomBee 150 has a built-in Detrum RXC6 receiver, which can be used with the GAVIN series transmitter directly. It also comes with a PPM connector and a SBUS/Spektrum connector on the PCB to support most of the receivers which enable the TomBee 150 controlled by other transmitter.

- Integrated 5.8G Video Transmitter: The integrated 5.8G video transmitter supports 48 channels, which can be set by one button. (This button is also used to turn on/off the searchlight in front of fuselage.)

- Lost Model Alarm: The lost model alarm on the TomBee 150 will sound automatically when a receiver failsafe occurs. Then you can find it quickly after the beeper alarm.

- Multiple Flight Modes, One Key Toggle: The TomBee 150 adopts the mainstream F3 flight controller, supports acro mode, horizon mode, and angle mode. You can change the flight mode by one switch.

Specs for Dynam TomBee 150 Racing Drones Built-in Receiver Free Delivery from UK

Flight   Controller: Detrum F3   flight controller (with integrated OSD)

5.8G Transmitter: DVT58   25mW/200mW

Brushless   Motor: Tomcat   1806-3100KV

Brushless   ESC: TomBee 150 25A ESC

Recommended   Battery: 500mAh~850mAh   3S Li-Po, or 500mAh~850mAh 4S Li-Po

Propeller: 3×3

Supported   RC Receiver: Spektrum,   S.Bus, XBus, SumD, SumH, PPM, PWM

Firmware: Cleanflight-Configurator   1.2.4 or earlier and Betaflight-Configurator

Flight   Time: 7 mins   (standard), depends upon battery and flight style

Working   Temperature: -10℃-40℃

Weight: 210g   (without battery)
Flight Camera

Lens: 3MP, 2.5mm

Angle: 20°~40°

Horizontal   Resolution: 800TVL

Video   Standard:

Sensor: CMOS

Power Input: 3.5V~6V
RC Transmitter

Product   Model:

Transmitting   Frequency:


Output   Power: 100mW

Test   mode: 10mW, Operating mode: 100mW

Power   Supply: AA   battery 4*1.5V
AA   battery 4*1.5V, Ni-MH battery 4*1.2V, or 2S Li-Po

Output   Pulse: 1000ms~2000ms   (neutral 1500ms)
DVT58 Transmitter

Working   Frequency: 5.8GHz ISM

Output Power: 25mW/200mW

Channel: 48CH

Antenna   Connector: 50Ω SMA

Video band   Width: 8MHz

Video Format: NTSC/PAL

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