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Hobbywing ESC for Multicopter/Drone

Hobbywing Brushless ESC

Brand: Hobbywing Model: Hobbywing FlyFun 10A
Hobbywing FlyFun 10A High Voltage Brushless ESC speed controller 1  Specification 1.1 Output:  Continuous 10A, Burst 12A up to 10 seconds. 1.2 Input Voltage:  2-4 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NiMh battery.    1.3 BEC: 1A / 5V Linear mode BE..
Brand: Hobbywing Model: Hobbywing 18A ESC x2
Hobbywing FlyFun 18A ESC x2 You will receive 2x ESC and optional of 1 prog card. Please note that hobbywing ESCs have undergone different name change. It used to be Pentium, then Fentium and for now it is Flyfun, however the performance has not changed. Since the design is const..
Brand: Hobbywing Model: FlyFun 30A ESC
Hobbywing FlyFun 30A ESC 1.  400/450 class heli sports, multicopter 2.  Small scale fixed-wing airplane, 1m aerobatic  1  Specification 1.1 Output:  Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 seconds. 1.2 Input Voltage:  2-4 cells lithium bat..
Brand: Hobbywing Model: Hobbywing Prog Card
Hobbywing LED Program Card This program card is used to program HOBBYWING's following brushless airplane ESC: FlyFun (also called "Fentium") SkyWalker Guard (stop production) Sword (stop production) Note: This program card is NOT suitable f..
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