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Hobbylord RC Motors Multicopter

Hobbylord RC Motors for Multicopters

Model: 20A ESC Bumblebee
20A High Speed Brushless ESC for ST001 BumblebeeDescription 20A High Speed Brushless ESC for ST001 Bumblebee Specifications: Weight: 18g Measurement: 36*23*1.5 Power input: JST Plug Drive output: 60MM 2.0 Banana plugs (female head) has good welding Length of signal cable: 355mm ..
Model: 2812 Brushless Motor
2812 Brushless Motor for ST001 Bumblebee Specifications:  KV: 930rpm/V Motor Diameter: 35mm Motor Height: 26mm Shaft Diameter: 4mm Weight: 80g No load Current: 0.7A/10V Max Current: 19A /11.1V Max Tension: 1150g(ST1038 prop) Max Power: 210W Battery: 3S Li-poly R..
Hobbylord ST800 Brushless Motor ST4708
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Brand: Hobbylord Model: ST800 Motor
Hobbylord ST800 motor , ST4708 Brushless Motor  KV:360 rpm/V Shaft Diameter:6mm No_load Curent:0.5A Outer Diameter:55mm Weight:80g Stator Outer Diameter:47mm Max Curre..
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