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Tachometre for RC Model


Rcexl Ignition Use Mini Tachometer V3.0
2 - 3 Days
Model: Mini Tachometer V3.0
Rcexl Ignition Use Mini Tachometer V3.0 1: Rcexl Ignition Use Mini Tachometer V3.0 Use  P1C16F628a microcontrollers 2: no need of batteries, power from the ignition 3: Standard Futaba Plug(Black-negative Red-Postive and White-Signal) 4:Using high-brightness LED digital tube 5:Input ..
Brand: SKYRC Model: SKYRC Optical Tachometre
SKYRC RC Helicopter Optical TachometreHere we have the SKYRC RC Helicopter Optical TachometreThe SKYRC RC Helicopter Optical Tachometre is a must have tool for any pilot, and can measure RPM of any rotating object, such as all kinds of helicopters, fixed-wing airplanes with propellers and multi-..
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