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Flight Controllers for multicopters

Model: Flight controller
Description Flight Controller for ST550 Bumblebee Package Components: Main Controller (MC) x 1pc 3-pin Signal Cable  x 7pcs LED multi-functional version x 1pc USB Cable  x 1pc Features: The Main Controller (MC) is the brain of the system, it communicates with E..
Brand: Hobby Eagle Model: X6 Flight Controller
Hobby Eagle X6 Flight Controller for Multicopter The new X6 provides 2 flight modes. You can either make a stable level flight or an exciting 3D flight. Free debugging, ready to fly!. To use X6, you will need only a 4-channel receiver and just connect the aileron, elevator, throttle and r..
Brand: Hobby Eagle Model: X6-L Flight Controller
Hobby Eagle X6-L Flight Controller for Multicopter Free debugging, ready to fly! Adaptive intelligent PID algorithm is used to obtain the best performance for stable flight without any debugging. The new X6 series is the most cost-efficient controller for multicopters! Hobby Eagle X6-L Fl..
Model: control board
MMC10 Flight Controller - Size of the board:8*8*2CM     - Weight of the board:42g - Max current:15A - Connect to the motor: 2.0mm banana plug - Function:incloud 4 ESCs ,MMC10 controller can used to control the quadcopter straight. No cable between the MMC10 an..
Model: control board
Description Speed Controller (ESC) for LOTUSRC T380 Quadcopter..
Model: Flight controller
Ublox High Precision GPS Module for APM/MWC/ARKBIRD/Rabbit/Pirate Flight Control Remark: This product has two kinds of connectors, one for MWC and one for APM2.5. Please choose the right one according to your Flight Control.   Specifications: Master Chip:  U-BLOX can change the ..
Model: control board
Description USB Downloder for MMC10 Flight Controller USB Downloder for MMC10 Flight Controller -USB Downloder -USB cable There is no data cable to flight control provided with the downloader, you can use the servo cable included in the flight control for connection..
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